What is a blog? And how does a blog work

Now by you reading this post I will agree that you are looking for ways to make money online, thinking about how to start your first online business, how you can start earning online.

You are not too far from the solution as this post contains one of the bases of earning online,  it is the foundation of a good online business. You will learn in this post by the grace of God all you need to know about a Blog.

You have being herring the word blog or you might have come across a friend profiles where he/she made mention that he/she is a blogger, now you are wondering what does this statement mean.

Let’s take a look at the two words and clarify you on the meaning of it.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of a website that is designed for easy dissemination of information on a particular topic or niche. It is more of a personal medium to express your thought, interest and help to people who need them but it is not limited to this alone.

This my own definition for you to understand, am not defining a blog to you but am just explaining what I think is a blog and how it works. Many example of blog are listed below

Examples of a blog:

  1. linda ikeji blog
  2. 10waysout.com
  3. bellanaija.com
  4. 9gist.com
  5. morenaija.ng
  6. tooxlusive.com
  7. naijaloaded.com
  8. stargist.com
  9. notjustok.com
  10. alphatekng.com

Who is a blogger?

Having understood what a blog is and how it works is now time for you to know who is a blogger, or why one is called a blogger.

A blogger is a name given to person who owns and partake in the affairs of a blog. This includes posting of articles, sharing of ideas with others and many more. As a blogger you are open to the public because your information is mostly important to your audience.

Below are disadvantages and advantages of being a blogger.

MeanWhile You can read here for the list of ten most Successful Bloggers in Nigeria and how much there earn monthly. the post is an external link from ranksng.com

Advantages of a blogger

  1. You become a public figure

Yes the Blog is just like a social media where you give out updates based on your personal life, you interact with people and there give back their reactions on your post, you will see someone have 1000 like just on one status updates.

That is actually the same with a blog you create your own voice you become popular in your field and when your blog turn out to be successful you defiantly attain that respect all over

  1. You are open to learn new things every day

Being a blogger is really educative, just take an example as your school teachers there needs to learn before there come to the class and there always have their lesson note with them to fall back too if things get though.

So as a blogger before you write any blog post you must defiantly do your research even if you are an expert in the field. You want make sure cover your topic as paramount as possible.

  1. You become an expert in your field

Just as I have made mention in the above point “You are open to learn new things” so defiantly if you learn very well you will agree with me that it will improved your knowledge rapidly.

  1. You become your own boss

Blogging give you this kind of freedom that you alone will chose when you want to blog, how you want to go about and what you what to achieve with it. Nobody to push you around or to share the profit with unlike other job around


  1. A source of revenue

It is a big source of revenue as you granted to make lot of income from your blog if the right thing is put to place. Some people are blogging as a full time job while some as a part time. As for me I blog as a pert time not full time.

  1. You don’t need to be professional in computer, just need the basic skills

You don’t need a professional course to start blogging neither do you need to become a computer guru to start blogging.

All you need is just the basic computer skills like you should probably know how to read and write, how to on and off your computer, how to connect your computer to the internet and last how browse with the internet.


  1. It doesn’t have location barrier

Location doesn’t matter when you want to start blogging, you can be from Nigeria and you audience might be from the Uk, all that matter is the information you are trying to share

Disadvantages of a blogger

  1. It is time consuming

On deciding to go into blogging, you will definitely dedicate your time at the initial state of the blog.

Just like a local business when you start at the beginning you will have to put more effort to reach your aims or goal, same apply to blog

  1. It need concentration

Every new business need concentration, you need to observe the activities of the business. The same scenario applies to blogging.

  1. Addiction to computer

Once you are into blogging, mostly when you find it interesting and fun, you will want to make the computer your new best friend that you cannot do without it a day.

  1. Always busy

If you are that kind of person that love the offline social life, it will be difficult for you to manage with your blog.

  1. It need your dedication

You must have to dedicate many important things that you love doing for blogging.


Having understood what a blog is, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of a blog I know you will wondering or saying what is the different with and a normal website and how can you make money from a blog. No worries as I will answer those question shortly.

Difference between blog and standard website

A blog is just a category of website is the same as a normal website but the content it carries that made it different from the normal website. A blog is full of educative information. A blog can be said to be a regally updated website manage by one person or group of people

How does a Blog Work?

Blog functions just as a normal informative center, for example take a blog to be a school, it has a building or structure to it, a name to be identified with, teachers or lecturers to lecture people and lastly it has syllabus to be followed, that’s how blog functions is just that it is not physical and it can be operate by just one person. You don’t need to be a professional before you can start a blog.

I believe you have understood the concept of blogging now i know the big question running through your mind right now is. How much does it cost to start a blog?  I will come to that much more letter as it is less important right now. “Just a tip for you, it is not cost so be rest assured”.

I know by now you might have made a decision of starting. You should properly watch out for this post 10 words and their meaning mostly used by a blogger, i called it the blogger dictionary.

What are the types of blog?

I don’t believe that there are types of blogs I only of categories of blogs. Anything that you do or like has way it fall into in blog categories but you can read this post on details list of all the type of blog.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You don’t need huge amount of money to start a blog all you need is reasonable amount of time that’s all. Frankly speaking you can start a blog with just $20 to $30 (N8000 to 10000). If you need to know more about how to start a blog you can contact me for further clarification.

What do You Need to start a blog?

  1. A hosting and a domain name
  2. Computer(desktop or laptop)
  3. An internet connection
  4. Time
  5. Dedication and Patience

How do bloggers make money?

I know this is the best part you are becoming extinct to know more about, what we will be achieving on this sub heading is clarifying you on how to make money through a blog, what is the possibility of you making money from a blog and how much can you make from a blog.

Many people are going into blogging now as a full time job; the blogging industry is really accommodating new members, but the truth is many don’t know how to earn money from the blog.

This has become one of the most challenging and biggest aspects of blogging over the years now. Well am one of them, I started blogging with a wrong perspective, i mislead myself, I ran away from the hardest part of it, my foundation was very poor and week.

The mindset of every blogger is to make money that’s just the simple truth but it is not as easy as you think, at least in beginning there are lots of sacrifice to do. Well blogging has now become my source of revenue, I thank god for that.

The most common ways bloggers make money from blog are Referral Income, Direct Advertisements, Affiliate Advertisements, Create and Sell eBook, Services and many more.

The humble truth is remove the fact that you want to make money from a blog at the first 6 month of blogging consider getting more readers to your blog because that is the money.. More readers more money!!  But I will be making a details post on how to Start Blogging and Make money soon just stay updated.



Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online if and only if you have the proper guide. A short story from me.

i Started blogging since 2010 but the truth is I spent close to 6 years doing the right things in a wrong ways. I was not properly informed, I did a lot of mistakes, i couldn’t make a dime from my blogging site. I was blogging for the wrong reasons, I was lost in the crowd, couldn’t stand out on my own, I wasn’t unique but then I didn’t gave up on it, I struggled to learn more and to correct my mistakes and now Gory be to God am not a billionaire but I thank God for the gift of knowledge I know what am earning today, am still young and growing. I am Ibrahim Ismaila CEO 9GIST.COM  your free tutor, So with that experience I don’t want it to be with me alone so I decide to share my knowledge with everyone. I don’t want you to make such mistakes I made. That is the essence of this blog and it is called the 10WAYSOUT.”

I don’t want to load you with information without digestion if not there are lots of things about blog we can go on and on to say but those are the basis as time permit you get to learn more.

If you have any question you want to ask please feel free to comment bellow or email me. Our next topic that will be discussing on will be 10 things to consider before starting a blog.

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